Picking a Home Site

Your new home can be greatly affected by its surroundings. When choosing a home site, it’s important to consider what type of home you would like so you can make it a reality.

A nature lover might want a sloping lot with a pond, but this same lot would not be suitable for a family with small children or a homeowner with limited mobility. Each home site has its unique advantages and disadvantages that can have a significant impact on your home’s appearance and comfort. Therefore, it is essential that you select your home site with care.

Here are some issues to consider before purchasing land. We hope this information will help you in making a wise choice about your home site.




What is the proximity to frequently traveled destinations like work, shopping centers, schools and churches? If possible, drive to the site during different times of the week and day, especially during rush hour, to get an idea of how long it would take you to get to the places you go to regularly.


Check the zoning to see what uses are allowed for the property. The home you intend to build must conform to the zoning requirements of the community. Also check what neighboring lots are zoned for.


Get a copy of all subdivision restrictions and read over them carefully. Some areas have no restrictions while others may be highly restrictive.

Neighborhood Structures

What do neighboring structures look like, and how will your new home fit in with them?

Natural Features

Solar Orientation

What direction does your lot face? Knowing whether your lot faces north, south, east or west will determine where to best place windows, exterior patio areas, interior living areas and landscaping.

Trees and Shrubs

What is the type, size, age, condition and location of all trees and shrubs on the site? Knowing these details can help you build your home among existing natural features or remove diseased or damaged trees so they don’t cause problems with your home in the future. Existing trees can shade your home and lower your utility bills, as well as increase its curb appeal and value.

Soil Conditions

Is there a soil report for this site? If not, what type of soil will support your new home? Has the site ever been developed or built on before?


Does the site flood or have any drainage problems? Is it flat or does it slope? If sloped, what direction does it fall and how much?

Views and Privacy

Are there any views you would like to accent or avoid? Will you need fences or hedges to get the privacy you want?


Site Size

Actual Size

Know the overall dimensions of the site, radii and bearings to accurately draw the site. The final subdivision survey is typically included with subdivision sales packages. Always insist on a copy of the final subdivision plat that shows the site with all servitudes, easements and building lines noted.

Servitudes and Easements

These are strips of land on your lot typically used to run utilities through or provide drainage for streets or neighboring lots. These strips of land are designated to be left clear of obstructions for future service to the entire neighborhood.

Building Line

This is the minimum setback from the front and rear property line. This line indicates how close to the property line your new home may be built. It’s typically set by the subdivision developer or community zoning requirements.

Sideline Restriction

This is the minimum setback from the side property line. This line determines how close to the side property lines your new home may be built. It’s also typically set by the subdivision developer or community zoning requirements.


Improvements and Features


What is the condition of the streets surrounding the property? What type of surface are they and how old are they? Who is responsible for street and right-of-way maintenance?


What utilities are available to your site?

  • Electricity?
  • Natural Gas?
  • Water?
  • Sewer?
  • Telephone?
  • Cable Television?

Storm Drainage

What type of storm drainage is provided and who is responsible for its maintenance? You may want to ask neighbors how well it functions.

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