What To Expect

Each set of construction documents is unique, but they all provide everything you will need to build your home. Here are some standard elements you will find in your plan package:

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What's Included


  1. Detailed Floor Plans: These plans show the layout of each level of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are labeled and fully dimensioned. All doors and windows are marked and described.
  2. Foundation Plan: This plan shows the foundation layout including footing locations, size and details for all foundation elements along with foundation notes. 

    Note: All foundation plans are designed specifically for the home site you choose to build upon. 
  3. Framing Plans: These plans indicate the location, span, size and spacing of floor joists, ceiling joists and roof rafters.
  4. Electrical Plan: This plan marks all hardwired elements in your home such as outlets, lights, switches, ceiling fans, television outlets and security cameras.
  5. Heat and Air Conditioning Plan: This plan locates the furnace/air conditioning unit, ducts and registers along with the size and air flow required to heat and cool your new home.

    Note: All heat and air conditioning plans are designed for the home site you choose to build upon. Unit size is determined using site location, orientation and insulation / energy package in specifications.
  6. Sections: Cutaway views showing construction details of elements like walls, beams, headers, stairways and roof framing. These drawings help the builder understand how the different components of your new home's structure work together.
  7. Interior Elevations: All plans are fully detailed with views of all kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, molding profiles, wainscoting, book shelves, mantle details and closet details. These interior views allow you to get accurate bids and help plan space use and storage.
  8. Exterior Elevations: These are drawings of the front, rear and sides of your new home with notes indicating exterior finishes and materials, as well as door and window preferences.
  9. Customized Description of Materials: For each set of plans prepared by Custom Home Designs, we include a customized description of materials (specifications). This will help you plan and estimate the cost of your new home. These specifications define the quality, type and size of materials needed to build your home. Included are framing lumber, windows and doors, cabinetry and countertops, insulation, finished hardware and other details. This specification helps you and your builder establish cost and quality of materials and serves as a reference sheet when you're compiling bids.
  10. Site Plan: All lot lines, servitudes, building lines and dimensions with bearings will be indicated using information from your subdivision plat. Then we will draw the new home or renovation project on your site in relation to the property lines. The plan will also indicate outside air conditioning units and utility service entrances into the home for gas, water and electrical. 

How Many Copies Do I Need?

Our standard construction set building package includes copies of plans and specifications. You will also receive an electronic copy of your plans with this print package. 

Local Building Codes and Zoning Regulations

Plans are designed to meet or exceed the requirements of 2021 International Residential Code (IRC), which is the adopted code in the state of Louisiana this too can be customized to meet your geographical location's adopted code.

If engineering for your project is required, we will advise you and have this work performed in office during the drafting process. 

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